Making course of Chinese wind lantern

DIY lantern by hand can let us decorate our room well in New Year and Lantern Festival. There is a very important advantage of making your own lanterns, that is, you can make lanterns that are different from others, so that when you decorate your room, it will be more unique and warm. The special point of this lantern is that it looks very antique, because it is a hollow structure, so you can also think of the time spent in the production is more attention.
The first step:Making course of Chinese wind lantern

First, carve the cardboard. This kind of hollowed out structure is eye-catching, but the students who have the basis of making paper models can be more handy
The second step:Making course of Chinese wind lantern

In combination, disposable chopsticks are used as the skeleton. After the combination is glued, red paint can be applied on the outside
The third step:Making course of Chinese wind lantern

In fact, the principle of making this lantern is not complicated. If you have a printer, you can directly print out the patterns that need to be hollowed out on the cardboard, so as to ensure that every surface is uniform. If there is no printer, you can only paint the patterns patiently. What we need to do next is to carve out these openwork patterns with our heart. Is it a little like making paper model? In fact, it's similar to the production of paper models, but it's relatively simple on the whole. If you don't use red cardboard, it's better to paint red on the outside of the lanterns like we do, so that it's more joyful to decorate them in the new year and Lantern Festival.


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