Handmade way of Chinese wind lantern

The materials for making lanterns shall be prepared in advance, mainly including rice paper, wooden stick, glue stick, colored paper, etc. a cubic wooden shelf shall be built up with more than ten wooden sticks, and then a rope or tape shall be used to fix the place where chopsticks are connected. When fixing, remember that the wooden stick must be slightly exposed, take out the rice paper prepared in advance,

and put the side and ground of the lantern The surface is completely pasted, and the small fish and other patterns are painted on the paper. After painting, they are cut off and pasted onto the lantern as a decoration. The Chinese knot is hung under the lantern, and then the four corners of the lantern are tied on the stick with a rope, so a lovely and beautiful Chinese Style Lantern is finished.Handmade way of Chinese wind lantern

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